Thursday, September 19, 2013

Your Secret Admirer

Oh hello there, it's me cassie!
So today I'm gonna post a poem of mine I made yesterday titled "your secret admirer"

I've never been the type to say what I feel
And will never because my mouth has a seal
So basically I keep everything inside
I want to tell you, believe me, I've tried

because I can never take the chance
To show you my feelings, even for a glance
So I doubt you will ever know
That everyday, these feelings grow

Sometimes, this feeling is hard to fight
Especially when I think of you every night
So secretly, you're my biggest crush
Who can make me feel like I'm in a rush

I can't seem to pinpoint what I like about you
I can never will, maybe that's why I feel blue
Maybe someday I'll have the courage to tell you
That my love for you is absolutely true

By Cassandra Lojingau 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Oh Hi bloggers!

It's me again. Cassie the weird little child.
So, according to the topic, I'm hurt. Yes. Badly hurt! Why? Well, it's because the person I like is talking to my friend. I can't believe it. It's tormenting me to know that my friend is talking to the person I like. Like chatting and what not. Why now? What is it with me that people just doesn't like? I know I'm different from other normal girls but that doesn't mean I don't have a heart. 

Do you know how painful it is to be in this situation? To like and hate a person at the same time. To trust and distrust solely on his words. What in the world is this? I just wish I could get what I want once in a while. I wish.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goodbye school life

at last, school ended!
i'm gonna miss every single one of my friends cause i love them so much. i hope that they'll remember me as i will remember them. they made a huge impact in my life and i hopethat i'll remain the same to their

hey friends,
please do not forget me. if you miss me, write a letter please. i like old fashion communication. LOL. anyway, feel free to message me. it may be awkward next time for us to greet each other but still, we're friends! no need to feel awkward. i'm going to miss all of you and the memories we shared. the memories that bind us together as one big family with different races and religion.

we're growing up girls! someday you'll be one of the greatest people on earth, chased your dreams and fulfilled your wishes. i'm just a phone call away.

like seriously, i'm gonna miss all of you! :')


Monday, August 22, 2011



yep! i know i've change.. and don't feel sad because i removed you from FB, I just don't like to see posts about ME.. that's why i remove everyone of you.. it's not that im scared or what.. but that's the reason..

i still believe in 'friends' but i don't believe in BESTFRIENDS! i remember that you were the one who didn't believe in friendship, and i was always protecting our 'FRIEND'..  ya, she gets hurt easily and you don't.. i remember that words i said to you.. and yet i sounded so stupid.. to have even said that.. i should have kept my distance from everyone, i should better have been alone..

no one really know me, right? i was the one left alone, the one that was pushed aside.. i wouldn't have reacted like this if all of you would just leave me alone like you all used to. all of this started when suehaneez just got the wrong idea bout me picking my friends, she said to me that i only wanted to be friends with the clever people.. i never thought of doing that! if i was doing that, i should've never have been friends with ALL of you.. right? and she said that i never talk to you all any more.. i don't want to talk to all of you OR you all just don't want to talk to me..? which one? me alone against all of you? fair enough?

anyway, thanks for all the memories, i hope you all have a great life and enjoy it while it last. just let me think through all of this, but in the mean time, please just take a step back from my life. i don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. THANKS.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

HOT, young guys for SALE! kidding!

hello bloggers!
look what i got at the garage sale

GUYS! ahaha.. kidding.. kidding.. anyway, introducing the first hotty for the day

(OMG.. OMG.. OMG! this guy is totally hot, everything about him is hot!)

(hot isn't he? yeap! hahaha.. he's eyes are sooo.. MESMERIZING!)

(Omg, he's soooooooo super duper cute! kawaii!!)

 That's all from me.. THESE GUYS ARE HOT! 

Ooops! i think someone got hurt!

hello uncivilized people!

i just wanna say, my GOD! you all 'perasan' i was talking about YOUR friend? oh please lah! i got more fake friends then you think.. you all think it's only you? tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. oh well, people with no life always get pissed by my words..

i was actually talking about my friend who is... *you all don't need to know that*.. actually i sympathized
you all for having no life, and hello! i never even care about what you do, i don't even WANT to talk about you.. YANG KAMU SEMUA PERASAN INI KENAPA?

anyway, thanks for all the comments you all gave me, i appreciate it and most importantly thanks for missing me so much! :P